It’s no longer wishful thinking, your wish has been granted.

WISH 107.5 – one of the fastest rising all-hits radio stations in the metro, not only grants song requests but also the listeners’ (or Wishers as they are fondly referred to) own personal wishes.

Officially launched on the 10th of August 2014, Wish 107.5 offers a musical experience unlike any other in the FM band through its underlying advocacy fused with a characteristically diverse selection of music handpicked and presented by disc jockeys of character.

Sure to be a morning habit, the MORNING WISH is much like your morning coffee, featuring the right brew of songs of different genres, straight-to-the point news and sweetened with a bit of trivia to perk up one’s morning, airing Monday to Saturday from 5AM-9AM with Ray Holiday.

Fall down the rabbit hole with Alice in the WONDERLAND and get lost in her adventurous sound, wander in the land of entertainment and sports and find your way to join her as she discusses no-nonsense life questions, Monday to Saturday from 9AM-12NN.

DJ Kim will help cross out the items off of your WISHLIST by playing your requested songs from Monday to Saturday, 1PM-4PM.

Easing your drive with hit songs and braving the traffic with you along the major roads of Metro Manila is Robin Nievera joined by the country’s promising bands and artists on THE ROAD SHOW. The first ever radio show on wheels is broadcasting live from state-of-the-art WISH 107.5 Mobile Radio Bus from Monday to Saturday from 4PM to 8PM.

Enjoy a romantic evening reminiscing the past, cherishing the present and fall in love all over again every Monday to Saturday, 8PM-12MN, as your favorite love songs caress your heart and heartwarming stories touch your soul in WISHPERS OF LOVE, with Dr. Clark and Faye.

Your MOONLIGHT WISHES and John Journey will keep you up through the night to the wee hours of the morning and gently usher you into dreamland by playing your type of soothing music from Tuesday to Sunday, 12AM-5AM.

All your heart could desire is here. We are your wish come true, we are WISH 107.5.

Wish 107.5 Bus: Your Coolest Musical Experience

If you have come across a bus painted with a splash of orange and blue, equipped with loud speakers on top, and manned with a couple of crew, a disc jockey, and a famous or an upcoming artist or band prepping up for an on-the-spot performance, you have certainly seen the Wish 107.5 Bus.

Wish Bus


Unveiled during the launch of Wish 107.5 in August 2014, the bus is an FM radio station-on-wheels, the very first in the country, which aims to bring live performances of today’s finest OPM talents right at the busy streets of Metro Manila. The bus is an avenue for featured artists to showcase their music, and for their fans to personally witness their performances.

The Wish 107.5 Bus is a unique concept, state-of-the-art facility that has amazed people from all walks of life – from to passers-by to avid radio listeners, typical road travelers to music enthusiasts. The local and international artists and music groups who have stepped foot on the bus have commended and retold their exceptional Wish 107.5 Bus experiences.

With more than just a year, the Wish 107.5 Bus has taken radio broadcast to the higher notch with hopeful promises to take more roads, more streets, more cities to deliver the coolest musical experience to more wishers and music lovers.

Wishing Wall

A TUPian posts a wish note on the Wishing Wall.

A TUPian posts a wish note on the Wishing Wall.

Staying true to its commitment to be more than just an ordinary FM station, Wish 107.5 continues to grant the wishes of its listeners and fans.

Through its wish-granting advocacy, the station puts up a “Wishing Wall” in universities and malls it visits where people can write their wishes for others.

The station unveiled this campaign during its official launch on August 10, 2014. During the event, ten wishes of lucky Wishers were presented before the crowd, including a teenager with progeria who dreamt of performing in a concert.

Over the past year, several wishes were granted by the station – from a simple birthday celebration to a trip to an amusement park, from a battery- operated radio to school and medical supplies.

Surreal as it may seem, Wishers have been grateful to the station for letting them see the fulfilment of their dreams.


Wish 107.5 is owned by the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation and is currently managed by Breakthrough and Milestones Productions, Inc. (BMPI) International.

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