Name: Alice

Date of Birth: April 9

Program: Wonderland

How do you describe yourself: Introverted extrovert. Optimistic, carefree, wacky, approachable and expressive

Personal mantra: Everything works out in the end

Things most people don’t know about you: I’m a frustrated actress/singer! I enjoy cooking, baking and writing on my free time.

What got you into music: TV Music channels, the radio and my brothers

Favorite artists/musicians:

International: Ed Sheeran, The 1975, One Direction, The Vamps, Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Years & Years, Troye Sivan, Sam Smith

Local: Jensen And The Flips, Darren Espanto, Jason Dy, Bamboo, Rico Blanco, Eraserheads, The Juans

Favorite songs: The Sound – 1975, UNI – Ed Sheeran, Leave A Tender Moment Alone – Billy Joel, Happily – One Direction

Favorite thing about being a Wish jock: I never work a day in my life because I get to do what I love with the people that I love. On top of that, I get to share the experience with people who share the same passion and with a growing number of people brought together and bonded by the love of music.

What’s your ultimate wish: To find genuine happiness, leave a legacy and to be remembered.