Name: Kim

Date of Birth: June 27

Program: Wish List

How do you describe yourself: God-fearing, busy, workaholic, forgetful

Personal mantra: We only live once. If we live it right, once is enough.

Things most people don’t know about you: I enjoy going to talipapa every morning. I love making kids laugh, and I am fond of making them cry too.

What got you into music: It’s in my blood. I came from a family of music lovers. My dad is one of the best drummers in Olongapo City and Manila.

Favorite artists/musicians: There are too many to mention

Favorite song: There are too many to mention

Favorite thing about being a Wish jock: We play all the hits so all the songs sound and feel good…plus, I get to grant song wishes (How can I not? My show is the WISH LIST for crying out loud!). I also love my ASOP on Wishful Sunday show because it is a celebration of praise music dedicated to the very Author of music itself.

What’s your ultimate wish: I wish there’s an ASOP on Wishful Sunday replay on Sunday evenings, too. I’m also pretty excited for it to go international. I believe it would be the most awesome ASOP music festival ever!