Featured Wishers: November 14, 2016

Wish Wall

Posted on: November 16th, 2016


Winners of WISHclusive gift items:

Marilisa Roscios
Ryan Masik
Lara Vicente
Claire Apostol
Ren Ancher Carinan
Fatima Gungga
Nilo Cipriano
Marie Faderan
Hara Pere
Mariciris Catapang
Marie Salve Carinany
Nancy Aliliran
Angelica Iglesia
Owen Beltran
Richelle Ann Buena
Jovelyn Aristoteles
Mary Grace Malonzo
Jun Bermoy
Arlyn Bongar
Angel Quitania
Andrei Nicole Alleba
Sheila Silvera
Nathalie Flores
Lendel Carpio
Don Enriquez
Daroll Nerbia
Alex Duran
Rivah Ann Calo
Elesher Samson
Videlfie Reyes


  • As a featured Wisher, you are qualified to claim WISHclusive gift items from Wish 107.5.
  • Simply send the following information to our textline (09493623333): name, address and birthday.
  • You will have a grace period of one week upon the announcement of your Wish to contact the station, otherwise, your chance to claim your prize will be forfeited.

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