WATCH: Alienette inspires with her WISHclusive cover of ‘I’ll Be There’


Posted on: December 16th, 2016

Being visually-impaired is not a reason to stop dreaming and letting one’s talent shine. Just as how inspiring this story is, “France Has Got Talent” third placer Alienette impresses¬†and moves listeners with her angelic cover of Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There.” Her superb vocal control all the more highlights the emotions channeled throughout the song.

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    It is people like her, who will make fools of the lazy

    It is sad to see joy and happiness in the eyes of your people, only when a man is elected president, win a basketball game, a boxing match, or you do well, in the miss world contest, and then see sadness when it is lost.

    You cannot allow what is wrong with the Philippines, to over shadow what is good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stop believing all is bad, or all is corrupt, or whatever, it is true in some areas, but in other areas it is wonderful. Remember, what is wrong is cause by Filipinos, so it shall be fixed by Filipinos…This is only one Filipino hero, can you feel her heart?

    Do not be brought down by the loss of a contest and do not reach out the a win of a contest, we are all bigger than this…We are all part of something much greater than a stupid boxing match, basketball game or a pageant.

    You have a great future ahead of your people and it is not going to come from one man, a president, or one fight, or a basketball game or this pageant..It is going to come from a good heart, honest minds, hard working hands and strong knees

    I am telling you this, doing it for you, because it is true..Do you hear her, really hear her? She is not singing, she is speaking as an angel follow her lead

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