5 Quarantine-Produced, Newly Released OPM Songs To Help You Get Through Tough Times

Jun 26, 2020

Finding solace amidst these uncertain times seems to be elusive. But there’s a small way of achieving comfort; the kind that can transform one’s state of mind — and that is by listening to music.

The Covid-19 pandemic brings about a sense of anxiety, nervousness, and panic, and many people around the world are having difficulty processing their emotions. From the accumulating numbers of Covid-19 cases being recorded daily, cancellations of scheduled events, the millions of individuals who have been left jobless (such as those belonging in the live events industry), to the mental health difficulties that many people are experiencing right now.  With everything that’s going on in the world today, we can turn to music. After all, music serves as an effective tool in helping alleviate stress.

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According to studies, listening to music can soothe anxieties and reduce pain.  It has also been found to have a positive impact on a person’s ability to heal. Some music therapists, who are usually accomplished musicians, also stated that music can evoke emotional responses to help people relax and even heal.

Due to the ongoing global health crisis, people are still being advised to just stay at home and be homeliners to help stop the spread of the virus. And with all of the challenges that we’re experiencing, it’s natural to seek comfort from music to help lessen our anxieties and even help fuel our productivity while we work from our living rooms or simply doing our day-to-day tasks.

While listening to music has many positive effects, the same is found to be true for those who are behind the tunes — those who are creating music.  Music-making is also another way to combat anxiety and has been found to work as an effective method of therapy as well. According to a study by the University of Melbourne about music therapy, the music creation process helps people “express the intensity of the emotions experienced in their stories, to express ambivalent feelings, and to create climax and resolutions.”

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Furthermore, during the live streaming of Wish Connect, several OPM artists have also shared their insights on how songwriting has become beneficial to them and how it helped make their quarantine period worthwhile. According to some singer-songwriters, their latest offerings reflect not just their real-life experiences, but the experiences of those  whose lives were greatly affected by this global pandemic. These artists are also continuously collaborating with other artists virtually to allow their creative juices to continue flowing while following the government’s call to stay at home. 

Here are five handpicked quarantine-produced OPM songs that help spread positivity and combat anxiety:

Christian Bautista & Janine Teñoso – “Bukas Wala Nang Ulan”

Pero ang ‘di mo alam, hindi ka nag-iisa
Nakaagapay sayo, tiwala lang
Masisilayan mo din ang bahaghari
Dahil bukas ay wala nang ulan

Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista and OPM songstress Janine Teñoso collaborated in their latest uplifting track “Bukas Wala Nang Ulan,” released under Universal Records. The light and sweet song ushers in the unmistakable feelings of calm and relief, which are in high demand especially in challenging times. 

“I hope it helps you a bit, it inspires you a bit, it gives you a little bit of hope during these trying times,” Christian shared during his live guesting on Wish Connect last month.

Bea Lorenzo – “With A Smile” (Eraserheads)

Lift your head, baby, don’t be scared
Of the things that could go wrong along the way
You’ll get by with a smile
Now it’s time to kiss away those tears goodbye

The classic OPM hit from esteemed rock band Eraserheads “With A Smile”  has been given a fresh, inspiring interpretation by singer-songwriter Bea Lorenzo, and for a noble cause at that. Lorenzo partnered up with the Department of Tourism to transform this hopeful track into a fundraiser for the University of the Philippines National Institute of Health (UPNIH), which will allow the organization to mass produce Covid-19 test kits and enable them to conduct further research on the illness. The song reminds us all to be optimistic despite the challenges that we face, and to dare to put a smile on our faces in the midst of the unknown, just like what our brave front-liners do on the daily.

Munimuni – “Nawa”

May makikinig ba kung ako ang magsasalita?
May halaga ba ang boses ng isang maralita?
Kung sino man ang nakakarinig, mapagbibigyan mo ba ako?

Makata-pop outfit Munimuni’s “Nawa” makes us understand the plight of  the less fortunate, whose lives have been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The band labels the track as a “cry for help” and serves an eye-opener to everyone. 

“We’ve always said that we’re writing songs based on our own experiences, but there’s something unique about this time — we are not just writing about our personal experiences, but we are also able to write about the experiences of the majority of the people today,” Munimuni’s vocalist and guitarist Adj Jiao explained during their stint on Wish Connect on May 11, 2020.

“When you think about the people who are living on the streets, the less-fortunate families, it’s really saddening. And that’s what basically the song “Nawa” is about,” he added.

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Munimuni also added that this hopeful track was written during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). Because studios were closed, they had to improvise in producing this song — and they were creative about it.   They used a smartphone, a small guitar, a mattress, and a pair of slippers to craft this thought-provoking piece.

Iktus – “Pagsubok” (Orient Pearl)

Pagkabigo’t alinlangang
Gumugulo sa isipan
Mga pagsubok lamang ‘yan
Huwag mong itigil ang laban

Four-piece pop rock band Iktus breathed new life to an Orient Pearl track titled “Pagsubok,” which was recently released under Ivory Music & Video. The powerful song gives its listeners the boost of positivity and encouragement needed to overcome even the hardest of struggles.  It reminds you that quitting is not an option. It encourages you to finish what you’ve started. And it reminds you to always keep your head up.

Reese Lansangan – “My Sweet Hometown”

Do you feel alright?
Smiling hello, hello my love
Oh how long
How long since I’ve been home

Singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan lends her smooth vocals, sweet hums, and vibrant acoustic strums in her latest offering “My Sweet Hometown.” This quarantine-produced track expresses the longingness one feels when far away from  home. On a Facebook post, Reese shared that she dedicates the blithesome track to the people who are missing their home — “may it be a place, a person, or a feeling.”

In these trying times, let us fill our hearts with love and songs that spark hope and togetherness. Let us always keep on wishing and praying. 

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