7 OPM Love Songs That Hit Us Right in the Feels

Feb 16, 2021

How do we even begin to define love? 

To some, it’s as simple and as straightforward as the feeling one gets when drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee on a cold Sunday morning. To others, it is a deep, complex feeling that springs forth from a trove of experiences — a tender look, a heart-stopping moment or two, and small gestures of kindness — that give you mirthful warmth and make you feel alive. 

For the ever-evolving music scene, it’s an emotion that painstakingly gives birth to a myriad of songs — a number of rosy pieces that have swept generations of music fans off their feet.

In this special listicle, we share the OPM tunes that perfectly capture one of the most extraordinary things that we are blessed to experience in life — the inexplicable feeling that we call love.

“Your Universe” by Rico Blanco

What does it take to win someone’s heart? In Rico Blanco’s case, it’s all about an uncomplicated lyricism wrapped in enchanting rhythms.

Through “Your Universe,” a song from his 2008 debut album of the same name, the OPM rock genius is able to paint the stellar and magical sensibilities of being right beside the person who gives your heart infinite joy. In nearly four minutes, Blanco takes his listeners to a vast expanse we’re all familiar with — a comforting space we’d love to get lost in time and time again.

Watch Jarlo Bâse (then Dane Hipolito) and Clara Benin’s acoustic take on “Your Universe” on the Wish 107.5 Bus:

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“Your Song” by Parokya Ni Edgar

In January 2021, the iconic Pinoy troupe performed their Wishclusive rendition of “Your Song” during their debut Wish Bus gig for the 6th Wish Music Awards

A refreshing opus from the band that introduced romantic hits like “Harana” and “Gitara,” this Gab Chee Kee-composed song is literally a go-to serenade song for everyone. Subdued and light to the ears, the guitar-driven track brims with paradoxical gems (“One smile/ Then I died/ Only to be revived by you,” “Now I know/ That I know not a thing at all”) that spells a love that’s irresistible — the kind that promises a lifetime of bliss for you and your cherished one.

Relive Asia’s Pop Diva Julie Anne San Jose’s live Wish Bus performance of the Parokya Ni Edgar hit:

Watch their Wishclusive take on “Para Sa’yo” here:

“Bawat Daan” by Ebe Dancel

Bawat Daan” doesn’t just speak of Ebe Dancel’s ode to certainty. The song, originally intended for ”Sa Wakas” (a Filipino musical based on Sugarfree’s songs), was created when his music career seemed to have waned when he went solo. 

Just like how he found music as his “way home,” the carrier single of the album of the same name is a sonic sanctuary to emotionally scarred beings — it is pure, lilting, and rich with beautiful images that are bound to make you feel a sense of validation and above all, assurance. 

Listen to the esteemed singer-songwriter’s Wishclusive performance of this track:

“Synesthesia” by Mayonnaise

People sometimes find themselves unable to put a hodgepodge of complex emotions into beautiful and truthful lines. But for Mayonnaise, specifically in this track, it only took a pen and a paper — and passionate guitar playing — to send an impressive albeit bittersweet message across. 

An anthem for a love to be, this Monty Macalino-penned offering off their 2009 “Pula” catalog narrates a warmth wanted to be felt even from afar. With feelings of trance and wistful longing suspended in the air every time we hear it, the entirety of “Synesthesia” shines on the true nature of love: its purity and transcendence. 

Check out the alternative rock band’s live performance of the song on Wish 107.5 Bus below:

“Araw-Araw” by Ben&Ben

If Filipino music fans are to name a song that epitomizes the magic that love brings, Ben&Ben’s “Araw-Araw” would definitely sit somewhere on top of the list. The five-minute cut from the OPM phenomenon’s “Limasawa Street” album offers a blanket of musical warmth with its metaphorical richness enveloped in a euphoric folk-pop sound.

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Starting off with grandiose vocals — a fitting salutation to the dawn of a newfound love — to lines that beautifully confess the many small reasons that fuel a flame, “Araw-Araw” is a song that will always remind us that true love is an everyday choice. 

Watch the 6th Wish Music Awards’ Wishclusive Contemporary Folk Performance of the Year here:

“KLWKN” by Music Hero

Being in lockdowns for almost a year now is quite difficult for lovers. But we’re thankful we have a number of songs to accompany us in moments of pensive longing.

KLWKN” is an intimate track enveloped in soothing melodies. With over 10 million views on the Wish 107.5 YouTube channel as of writing, the Music Hero hit leaves us imaginative with vivid descriptions about the cosmos — and a love as vast as it is. Gentle and honest, the track wants its listeners to slow down and muse about a love that goes beyond space; like at how a simple gaze at the skies could bring you to the cradling comforts of your own home — the company of the one you dearly love.

Relive their Wishclusive rendition of “KLWKN” live on Wish 107.5 Bus:

“Alam Niya” by Kuya Daniel Razon

Have you ever listened to a song that speaks directly to your soul — one wherein its littlest of notes feel like they were crafted to bless your heart with an overwhelming feeling of hope and gratitude? 

A labor of love — and faith — wonderfully dedicated to the One who loved mankind from the very beginning, the Kuya Daniel-composed praise track holds reassuring words for those who feel troubled. A-list OPM pop troupe The Juans poignantly interpreted this praise song and made its message of hope shine even brighter. 

The six-minute original, first performed by the “Manalangin” band during the Behind the Wishper Digital Concert, talks about the Being from where the great feeling of love comes. The song talks about God’s incomparable love and understanding that go beyond what the human mind — and heart — can reckon. 

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Check out The Juans’ stirring interpretation of “Alam Niya” live on Wish 107.5 Bus:

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