8 OPM Wishclusives to Send You Back to the 2000s (Volume 2)

May 24, 2019

Nothing gives a blast from the past like how music can. It can make time stand still and instantly rewind memories — whether they’re heartwarming or heartbreaking.

In November last year, we’ve gathered OPM Wishclusives that can easily transport you to the good old days of the 2000s. In this brand-new collection, we’ve rounded up eight more Wish Bus performances to take you one more time on a nostalgic ride back to this decade.

Sandwich – “Masilungan”

Bakit ‘di mo pinaglaban

Mga munting alaala

Lahat tayo’y mababasa

‘Pag ang langit ay biglang lumuha

As we welcome the rainy season (which is the perfect time to get misty-eyed and sentimental), watching this Wishclusive performance from Pinoy rock powerhouse Sandwich over and over absolutely makes sense. “Masilungan,” off the band’s 2003 album “Thanks To The Moon’s Gravitational Pull,” will shower you with the weather-centric metaphors you need when you feel like reminiscing a love you’ve failed to fight for until the end.

Kjwan – “One Look”

Pardon me, I’m being honest

‘Cause I don’t hide, I speak my mind

Things get weird but we know better

It’s cause I know you know that I love you girl

If you’re an OPM rock fanatic in the 2000s, watching this funk soul-tinged version of Kjwan’s “One Look” will give you a refreshing musical experience; it banks not only on this self-proclaimed “tito” band’s sonic creativity but also on the song’s honest, intimate take on confessing romantic feelings. Frontman Marc Abaya’s serenading voice (and mesmeric eyes) will also remind you why it’ll never be a mystery why this band remains as captivating as ever.

Typecast – “The Boston Drama”

Will you come back in a heartbeat?

Don’t be confused of what a great thing we could be

We’ll take a walk on the same street

Can you tell me how Boston is like without me?

The 2000s is clearly the heyday of emo rock in the local music scene. And no one can represent this movement better than the pop-punk veterans of Typecast.

In their sophomore Wish Bus gig, the four-piece performed “The Boston Drama,” a post-break-up track off their seminal album “Every Moss and Cobweb.” Heavy with constant yearning for a former flame to come back, this song has gotten more rousing and emotionally-charged over a decade after its release — as seen in this well-received Wishclusive.

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Mojofly – “Mata”

Kumusta na? Nandyan ka pa ba?

Wala na yatang ibang magagawa kundi tumawa

Nandyan pa ba mga ala-ala?

Ang tanging bagay na naiwan sa’ting dalawa

Saying hello to and revisiting old, bittersweet memories certainly takes courage. Injected with a different arrangement, Mojofly’s Wishclusive performance of “Mata” will make it easier to do just that. The pop-rock anthem, which was a certified radio hit and karaoke staple in the mid-2000s, talks about finally letting go of a love-departed relationship.

Frio – “Alive”

I’ll never be a man

So take me as I am

Make me alive

Make me suffer

Make me feel

Frio’s “Alive” may be brief in words, still it effectively releases strong emotions cradled in the deepest wells of one’s heart. Bringing this well-loved tune from their self-titled 2006 effort to the Wish Bus, these alt-rockers originally from Zamboanga prove that they’re still capable of giving such piercing feelings —  like how their narrative about one-sided love can make you ache for more even after the last note has been played.

Mayonnaise – “Bakit Part 2”

Sinabi ko sa kanya

Na ‘di pa rin nililikha

Ang tulad kong parang timang

Na ‘di pa rin maintindihan

We meet someone. We fall for them. And sometimes, we don’t get loved in return. We inevitably get hurt, yet we still find ourselves loving them anyway.

Mayonnaise’s self-titled debut album, released in 2004, contains their two-part rhetoric ode to this power of love. While “Bakit Part 1” sees the narrator try to escape the fate of his unrequited love, “Bakit Part 2” is about somehow accepting the reality as he tells his special someone she won’t ever find another man like him.

In this Wishclusive video, the alt-rock troupe effortlessly stages a live performance of the latter and gives a heavy dose of 2000s nostalgia. They then take listeners another decade earlier as they offer a hark back to ‘90s alt-rock with their little Smashing Pumpkins tribute in the outro.

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Jericho Rosales – “Pusong Ligaw”

Ikaw at ako’y sinulat sa mga bituin

At ang langit sa gabi ang sumasalamin

Mayroong lungkot at pananabik

Kung wala ka’y kulang ang mga bituin

Multi-hyphenate Jericho Rosales closed out his 2000s with the release of his album, “Change,” which spawned his signature smash titled “Pusong Ligaw.” The song features heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics professing a love that stands the test of time — the kind that makes you always long for someone you still hold close to heart years after you’ve gone separate ways.

Julie Anne San Jose – “Your Song (One and Only You)”

Now I know

That I know not a thing at all

Except the fact that I am yours

And that you are mine

Giving her own spin to one, if not the most romantic tune from alternative rock band Parokya ni Edgar, Asia’s Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose charms fans with her delicate voice in her much-requested Wish Bus stint.

“Your Song,” penned and originally sung by PNE guitarist Gab Chee Kee, served as the closing track of the band’s “Bigotilyo” album released in 2003. Labelmate San Jose’s revival of the song did not just trigger retrospection but also helped re-introduce the classic acoustic piece to a new generation of OPM lovers.

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