Ben&Ben’s “Di Ka Sayang” is a Blissful Celebration of Self-worth, Self-love

Nov 22, 2020

In just a bit over four minutes, folk-pop band Ben&Ben’s latest track “Di Ka Sayang” successfully achieves its mission — to empower, to encourage, and to inspire. With a fresh pop-rock sound, the 5th Wish Music Awards’ Group of the Year’s new song is able to drown out your inner saboteur and wrap you in a warm hug of support, love, and acceptance.  

The song was inspired by a conversation between Paolo and Miguel Benjamin during one of their out-of-town gigs. “Migs and I were having a conversation on our career choices and how hard it was to fight for who we really are and what we want to do in life, amidst societal and family expectations,” Paolo recalled.

A  year later, they decided to finally release the hopeful and empowering song, at a time when an unforeseen global pandemic has wreaked havoc on the lives — and dreams — of many.

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The song’s lyrics speak to its listeners like how a good friend would — straightforwardly, sensibly, and lovingly. “Di ka sayang/ Di kailangang manghinayang/ Di ka sayang/ Di kailangang patunayang/ Sarili ay mahalaga/ Kahit pa anong tingin nila/ Tanggap kita” — are simply words that everyone needs to hear. 

These are words that can help heal the most broken of spirits. 

It doesn’t hurt that these positive words are also wrapped in an optimistic, feel-good beat — something that Ben&Ben are able to effortlessly pull off every time. If hope, positivity, and acceptance had a sound, “Di Ka Sayang” would be it.  

“Di Ka Sayang” is a celebration of self-love; a joyful homecoming to those who have been led astray by different kinds of negativity — self-inflicted or otherwise. The song is brimming with heartfelt truths — ones that you’d normally hear from someone who knows you and your battles. Simply put, “Di Ka Sayang” is an A+ friend in the form of a four-minute song.

Watch Ben&Ben’s latest Wishclusive performance of “Di Ka Sayang” here:

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