Carol Banawa to Morissette: ‘This young lady will be big’

Oct 6, 2016

OPM darling Carol Banawa is the latest artist to laud a WISHclusive performance staged on the iconic Wish 107.5 Bus.

The “Stay” singer, now based in the United States, commended Morissette’s effortless rendition of Little Mix’s “Secret Love Song.” Upon sharing the video on her Twitter account last October 3, she remarked, “This young lady will be BIG! I tell you! Keep an eye out.”


The tweet has garnered various reactions from netizens who not only thanked Carol for appreciating Morissette’s powerful vocals but also expressed their wish to hear her music again.


The singer-actress is known for her sweet-sounding voice that popularized the hits “Iingatan Ka” and “Bakit ‘Di Totohanin.”

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