Indie darling Reese Lansangan talks writing process, new single with Jensen Gomez

Mar 30, 2017

Even from the most mundane, an artist can get an inspiration and transform it into something more extraordinary. Such is the magic of art, and one ubiquitous lady seem to have perfected this craft.

Reese Lansangan describes herself as “a singer-songwriter, visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, and published author; all rolled into one convenient sushi.”

Last March 1, Reese gave Roadshow her signature warm, indie touch as she, together with Jensen Gomez of the band Jensen and The Flips, hopped on the Wish 107.5 Bus to talk about their collaborative single, “Maybe,” and her writing process.

Apart from their radio interview with DJ Robin, the two also performed a WISHclusive rendition of “Maybe” and a cover of John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” Reese further gifted her fans with live performances of her originals, “Home” and “Exploration No. 5,” and an acoustic take on Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

Who came up with the idea to write the collab?

Reese: We were chatting one time and he told me he wrote some music — it was only a verse and a chorus. He said if I liked it, I could continue writing it. Right after I heard it, I wrote the second verse, then we wrote the bridge together.
The song is dramatic, and I’m rarely an avenue for drama. So when I get to execute it, people are surprised.

Jensen: “Maybe” is a very sad song. It’s about two ex lovers hanging out again.

As a songwriter, how do you usually write your music?

Reese: I usually do it simultaneously — music and lyrics. Sometimes, there’s no idea yet, I just play on my guitar and then I come up with a melody, and then I hum over it. I sing gibberish and I record it on my phone. I fill in the words as I go — like, What sounds right? What words fit in here?

How do you know what the song is going to be about?

Reese: I just get inspired by random things. For example, there’s a song that I call “A Song About Space,” and I wrote it because I was supposed to write a spoken word poem for a friend’s exhibit, and it’s about open letters — you’re supposed to write a letter to someone. I don’t really have someone in particular that I want to write to, so I decided to write about something, and I wrote something about space. It’s very random, but all the emotions of the songs that I write were driven by what I’m currently feeling.

What is the most random topic you’ve ever written about?

Reese: “Grammar Nazi” would be a random song. I don’t think people talk about language — the technicalities of the English language — in a song form, especially in pop songs, unless we’re on Sesame Street or something. I grew up watching such shows, I feel like I picked up something.

More of Reese’s magical randomness can be heard via her debut full-length effort, “Arigato, Internet!” The album’s repackaged version was released in December last year.

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