Sue Ramirez: Singing is a Childhood Dream

Jan 30, 2017

Sue Ramirez was recognized by many only as a promising actress who has portrayed a number of supporting roles in top-rating TV dramas before she got netizens bemused with her viral covers. But not known to everybody, singing was actually her childhood dream.

This is what the Fil-American star shared during her Roadshow guesting last January 24, Tuesday. She promoted her newest single, “Ako Sa’yo,” and performed it live — for the first time — on air. The pop track speaking of one’s hopes for and sentiments about love was released by Star Music.

On acting as a stepping stone to stardom

The 20-year-old artist, who is Sue Anna Garina Dodd in real life, admits that acting is her stepping stone towards stardom.

In 2011, she scored her first major acting role when she became one of the casts of the “Mula sa Puso” remake. This was followed by many more TV and film projects, the most popular of which includes her roles in “Pangako Sa’yo” and “Dolce Amore.”

For Sue, “Dolce Amore” paved the way to let people know about her talent for singing. In one of the show’s episodes, she had to sing the soundtrack “Your Love.”

“[It] actually started my singing career, because [before that], no one actually knew that I know how to sing…After that, they gave me digital singles, [and] they made me a part of the album [OST].”

On singing as the next stage of her career

Together with frequent collaborator and fellow teen star Kristel Fulgar, Sue took social media by storm and gained a legion of fans with her talked-about covers.

Ichu x Joy ? @kristelfulgar

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With people now acquainted with her musical chops, she is now more than ready to take on the next stage of her showbiz career — singing. Apart from having more singles, she wishes to release an album and stage her own concerts in the future.

Sue further cited Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan as her inspiration in singing.

On board the Wish 107.5 Bus, she also delivered a live rendition of “Your Love.” Her WISHclusive video, which premiered on January 26, has already garnered at least 700,000 views as of writing. It also landed on the 13th spot of the YouTube Philippines trends list.

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