syd hartha Gets Introspective in New Song, ‘hiwaga’

Oct 29, 2020

When it comes to her songwriting process, syd hartha has a particular affinity for words. 

When listening closely to her previous releases, one can get a sense of how she carefully arranges her lyrics to convey messages atypical of a teenage musical act. From wordplays and repetitions to clever phrases and rhymes, the singer-songwriter effectively pulls off poetic tricks and further embellishes them with the eloquence of her enunciation.

Her latest release, “hiwaga,” bears the same lyrical DNA. But not one to be boxed by the folk-pop genre attached to her name, she gives the song a twist by dishing out her words in another form: A melodic rap verse. 

In case you’re not aware of it yet, syd also has a particular affinity for hip-hop.

For her, the genre is second to none with regards to using words in bringing light to weighty matters. “Ang lakas ng palo ng mga salita, ng mensahe,” she remarks in an interview with Wish. She adds that rappers also have a certain way of delivering their piece — compelling, direct, and grittingly conversational. 

In “hiwaga,” she treads along the same path without losing her own brand of being assertive and ruminating. 

The song, according to her, started out as notes to herself, literally speaking. The lines were words she composed while she was stuck and perplexed by her personal circumstances: “Naku, sana makawala ka/ sa kahon kung nasa’n ka ngayon/ Panibagong pagkakataon ang iyong pagmulat/ sa bawat umaga mali ay matatama pa/ Dating tamis na tila pumait ay mababawi pa.”

In the first part of the song, an existential disarray is evident. But as she gets more introspective, she eventually finds awakening in the process. She ends her questioning with a poignant realization; a plea to become a better version of herself: “Tumatakbo ang oras/ kapit ng iba’y pumipigtas, humihina, kumakalas, pero ito’y maliligtas!/ ’Di ka nabubuhay para lamang sa wala/ Gawin ang dapat mong gawin habang humihinga ka pa.”

Though the track has the lyrics as its crowning glory, “hiwaga” also enchants with its tasteful soul-sprinkled instrumentation courtesy of her ace backing band composed of Bea Fabros (La Loba Negra), Raisa Racelis (SUD), and Pat Sarabia (Apartel, Oh, Flamingo!). 

And while recorded apart, musician Johnoy Danao also deserves a nod for producing a track that overcomes quarantine restrictions — and, as in syd’s previous releases, pays homage to the power of words. 

Stream syd hartha’s “hiwaga” below:

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