The vowels they orbit: Songs That Revolve Around The Matters Of The Heart

Jul 9, 2019

Being in love can evoke feelings of dizzying euphoria, extreme excitement, and complete satisfaction. But sometimes, seemingly unavoidably, feelings of apprehension and jealousy come creeping in. These feelings are what rising indie-pop outfit the vowels they orbit are tackling with their latest offerings. 

Fueled by a mixture of different genres like pop, folk, mellow-rock, alternative, soul, and jazz, the band intends to make their fans — aptly called “orbiters” — feel like their circling outer space when listening to their tracks. 

The vowels they orbit formed in early 2018, and despite their being relatively new to the music scene, they have already performed at events big and small. A few months after the band was born, they were already asked to open for the international pop-rock band Against the Current’s Manila concert held on November 2018.

During their recent Roadshow guesting, the five-piece band performed songs that revolve around matters of the heart — their debut single “Selos” and their original track “Bumubulong,”  on board the Wish 107.5 Bus. They also shared the meanings behind their songs during an interview with DJ Alice. 

“Selos” tackles the emotions and state of mind that come with jealousy, and how one who feels jealous “only craves for attention and comfort.” The band also revealed that “Selos” was originally penned by their manager Darwin Hernandez, who is also the composer behind Moonstar88’s hit OPM song, “Torete.” 

Meanwhile, “Bumubulong,” another original song from the vowels they orbit, is about the relatable feeling of liking someone and but being apprehensive about admitting it. 

During their Wish Bus stint, the indie-pop band also announced that they’ll be releasing an EP soon, which includes a track titled “Kiliti,” a song about finding inspiration in someone special.

The vowels they orbit is managed by Soupstar Entertainment and is signed with Sony Music Entertainment. They are composed of Nikka Melchor (vocalist), Jeremy Sayas (drummer), Hannah Dela Cruz (keyboardist), Gene Santiago (guitarist) and Patch Javier (bassist).

Stream the vowels they orbit’s debut single, “Selos” below:

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