Wish 107.5 Celebrates Seven Years of Music and Fulfilled Wishes through “Wish Gifts of Love” Virtual Event

Aug 1, 2021

Seven years after the launch of the country’s first-ever FM-on-wheels, Wish 107.5 has become a groundbreaking force in the local music scene and paved the way for Filipino music to reach audiences worldwide.

On August 22, 2021, the station will celebrate seven years of awesome music and fulfilled wishes through a virtual anniversary show titled “Wish Gifts of Love,” which will be streamed live on the Wish 107.5 YouTube channel at 7 p.m. PHT.

Making the annual celebration a much-anticipated one is a free digital concert that enlists some of the country’s top-caliber performers — Asia’s Phoenix Morissette, acclaimed music-maker Moira Dela Torre, musical duo Leanne and Naara, singer-songwriter Zild, and the musical tandem of Janine Teñoso and Arthur Nery.  

Completing the roster of guests are alt-rock outfit Magnus Haven and up-and-coming band Soul Republiq.

Charity, the rallying point

Every Wish anniversary event shines with the station’s desire to give back. 

In its seventh year of bringing OPM to the world, the radio station will hold seven different acts of love and charity to our fellowmen in dire need. 

This includes the installation of a free potable water system in Agusan del Norte and free solar lamps in Tanay, Rizal; the construction of a humble home for a deserving family in Mauban, Quezon; the donation of printers for schools in the provinces of Bicol, Rizal, and Quezon; the establishment of pop-up community pantries for some of the most underprivileged communities in the country; the delivery of free food and packed groceries for PWD members in Cavite and Rizal; and the donation of free “Wish carts” for selected individuals in need from Metro Manila.

Charity is embedded in Wish 107.5’s core. In an interview, Morisette shared how the station has championed acts of charity and goodwill from its formative years to the present. “That’s really why the Wish family stands out…You’re not only recognizing new artists, but you are also giving back to those who are in need. I’m just really, really grateful to be a part of this family who’s not just in support of OPM, of all the new artists, but we are also giving service to the Filipino people and we are helping in the best way that we can.” 

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Echoing the same sentiment, P-Pop phenomenon SB19, who took part in last year’s benefit concert for deserving underprivileged students titled “Notes of Hope,” stated that they are happy to be part of an impactful celebration. “Being part of such a good cause is a huge honor for us, as we not only get to bring smiles on people’s faces through entertainment, but  we are also able to provide them with what they need during these times.”

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Wish 107.5 originator Kuya Daniel Razon has shared how important the role of music is in bringing people together, and how the art form becomes even more potent when it is used for the greater good.

“Wish will continue to spread joy and inspiration with God’s help, through music, and shine our light of hope and charity to the world,” he remarked.

As the station embarks on a new year, Wish 107.5 will continue to live up to its name and will forge on to bring the wonderful gifts of music and love to more people.

A tough year for all

The Covid-19 pandemic may have brought the performing industry to a future with no definitive certainty, but the past year served as a testament — to the resiliency and vigor of Filipino music-makers in crafting pieces that uplift and tug at the heart.

“We’ve entered a different era altogether. But I love that we’re still going. The legacy of the Wish Bus is still on the road despite everything 2020 has brought upon us and that makes me so hopeful,” Moira Dela Torre remarked in an interview.

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Wish 107.5 continues to be a platform of passion and positivity by continuously sharing hope through music. Through the years, the station has left an indelible impact on the music community by being one of the first music channels to thrive in the digital space — and eventually be a champion for OPM.

“Since 2013, I really saw YouTube as a new channel for artists, who at that time, couldn’t get their stuff on mainstream media, on mainstream channels, and networks. But with new media, it’s very promising for all artists, and Wish [gives] a platform to up-and-coming artists. Eventually, Wish grew and people appreciated what you’re doing on a very regular basis — good quality [videos], and you invested in your equipment and your people… It really helps the music scene — new artists and also some old, and veteran artists that people don’t see anymore. I like what you guys are doing,” Rico Blanco enthused in an exclusive interview for the “Behind the Wishper” digital concert. 

Calling for solidarity amid the global public health problem, Kuya Daniel Razon expressed in his 6th Wish Music Awards speech: “Wish will continue to support all of you and help bring your gift of music to millions of people across the world. During these difficult times, we commit to intensify the use of our platform to spread music, charity, and optimism. And most importantly, together with the whole music industry, we will continue to pray to the Almighty for strength, resilience, and hope.”

The “Wish Gifts of Love” anniversary show, happening on August 22, 2021, which will be streaming live on the Wish 107.5 YouTube channel, is presented by Man of Steel — “Tayo Na!”; co-presented by Puregold — “Always Panalo!”; together with our major sponsors — San Marino — “Pasarapin ang Love with San Marino” and CDO Crispy Burger — “Gawing Crispy and Meaty ang eating time with CDO Crispy Burger”.

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