Beyond the Tunes: Anthony Meneses on Pursuing Music, Penning Love Songs, and the Challenge of Being a Singer-Songwriter

Sep 11, 2021

“Beyond the Tunes” is a series of interviews and features that aims to shine the spotlight on up-and-coming singer-songwriters who have earned a spot in the Wishcovery Originals grand finale. Get to know the top musical acts who will be vying for the championship tilt in the third edition of Wish 107.5’s very own talent search.

Anthony Meneses mostly writes love songs. It’s through songs like this that he openly lets his emotions spill. After all, for the up-and-coming musician from Las Piñas City, love is simply that universal language that everyone longs to hear in musical pieces — and it’s a bridge that allows him to better connect with his audience.

While he considers himself an R&B and soul artist, his array of musical influences is not confined to the heroes of the said genres. In terms of vocal techniques, he admires Bugoy Drilon’s versatility. When it comes to songwriting, he looks up to OPM rock icon Rico Blanco. 

Meneses mainly uses the guitar to compose his songs. His major influences in guitar-playing? It’s no less than John Mayer, together with California-based Filipino indie act Gabe Bondoc

With original tracks that lay bare his personal experiences on love, he managed to secure a spot in the long-anticipated Wishcovery Originals grand finals. In this Beyond the Tunes feature, he shares the reason that made him pursue music, his creative process, the most challenging part of the craft, and more. 

When did you first learn about your gift of songwriting?

What I first discovered is my singing talent. Back in school, my classmates would always make me sing as if I was their radio. When I got older, I tried my hand at writing poetry. My poems are my emotional outlet whenever I feel down. Then I realized, if I could combine poetry and singing, the outcome would be much better.

What made you pursue music? 

My musical idols, those I see on television, inspired me to pursue music. However, when I started serving in our church, I found a deeper reason. 

I realized there that the more you feel about a song, the better the outcome will be and the more fulfilled you will become — especially if it’s something that you wrote yourself. When you perform a song that you composed, the emotion of the piece will be more effectively conveyed.

How does it feel like to be part of Wishcovery Originals? 

I am thankful. I didn’t even expect to be in the monthly finals. But I promise that I will give my all and perform my best songs. 

What’s your creative process like?

When I was only starting, I was more into writing lyrics. I’d want my lyrics to be great and relatable first. Eventually, I became more open: When a tune comes into mind, I would hum it, get my guitar, and just let my emotions out. I record it even if there are mistakes or it’s not great. Then once I settle down, I’d take the time to go over and clean it. For me, it has become “the messier, the better.”

What’s the most challenging aspect of your being a singer-songwriter?

The most challenging part for me is to get my music out there and be heard. I know that not all people would listen to — and appreciate — the songs that I made. But I always see to it that I grab the opportunity to perform at benefit gigs even if they’re for free or they’re held far away. What’s important for me is to let my music be shared with the listeners.

During the weekly eliminations, you performed your original composition “Ibalik Mo Na Ang Puso Ko.” What’s it all about?

I wrote “Ibalik Mo Na Ang Puso Ko” for a girl that I liked. I really admired her for about three years but now she is with another guy. Whenever I see her with him, I still feel hurt. That’s why I wrote something about not knowing how to get my heart back — because it’s still with her up until now.

For the monthly finals, you performed “Tiwala.” What’s the story behind it?

There was a point in my life when I lost the trust of two of the most important women in my life — my mom and back then, my girlfriend (She’s now my ex-girlfriend). The song “Tiwala” tells how much I wanted to earn that trust back. However, I don’t know how I’d be able to do that. Because I realized that once trust is broken, even if it gets fixed, it simply won’t ever be the same again.

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Ibalik Mo Na Ang Puso Ko


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