After Covid-Prompted Break, Wishcovery Originals Set to Return this September

Aug 30, 2021

Wishcovery Originals, the singing-songwriting competition of Wish 107.5, will return this September 5, Sunday, after over a year-long break. Back in March last year, the show temporarily halted its production due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

For the safety of its contenders, judges, and production staff, the contest will employ a virtual setup to produce the remaining phases of the show. 

Jungee Marcelo, who has been a Wishcovery judge since Season 1, said that though the setup will be different, it will be “no less exciting.”

“The goal is to discover gems of singer-songwriters [and] as a member of the panel of judges, I’m so looking forward to the continuing saga of some exciting Wishcovery 3 episodes ahead,” the premier hitmaker added.

Jay R, Jungee Marcelo, and Monty Macalino

The remaining episodes will be taped remotely in the talents’ respective places, deploying a minimal number of crew members only when needed. On-site staff and talents shall follow strict health and safety protocols.

“Wish is always pushing the boundaries in the music industry. This is just another boundary we need to overcome,” Philippine R&B King and Wishcovery co-judge Jay R stated.

The Search Goes On

Wishcovery Originals aims to discover aspiring singer-songwriters in the country. While the episodes air on Wish 107.5’s main YouTube page with over 11 million subscribers, the performances are uploaded on the Wishcovery Originals channel.

Before its hiatus, the show saw three talented soloists — JC Laborte, Anthony Meneses, and Dagger Dion — emerge as winners for the March 2020 weekly eliminations. 

Picking up where the competition left off, the show will return with these weekly winners vying for a seat in the grand finals. 

Since its premiere in September 2019, five OPM acts have already made it to the grand finals. Taking the finale spots are Davao’s alt-folk up-and-comer Peniel Roxas, Cagayan De Oro’s rock troupe From Outtakes, Butuan’s acoustic band White Caps, Ilocos Norte’s pop-rock outfit P.I.P., and Malabon’s pop-R&B artist JC Sales.

Ahead of the finals, the contenders will undergo virtual bootcamp sessions with the judges to further hone their musical skills. 

“Contenders can expect one-on-one as well as collaborative work opportunities. We aspire to adapt to the new normal and give our very best efforts given the constraints. It would be as hands-on and as special as the previous ones — maybe even more interesting with its twists and turns,” Marcelo shared.

Mayonnaise frontman Monty Macalino also ascertained that “through this experience, the talents of the contestants will be much improved.”

“With my and my co-reactors’ guidance, we can give more tips, especially in songwriting, and how to improve their skills further,” he added, while also encouraging the show’s fans to keep supporting their favorite contestants.

A Timely Help for Musicians

Especially now that the music industry has taken a severe blow during the pandemic, Wish 107.5 continues its efforts to help enliven the country’s music scene. Apart from giving a platform to deserving music-makers via Wishcovery Originals, the station has also provided monetary assistance to the music community. 

During last January’s Wish Music Awards, a total of Php300,000 was donated to three key organizations in the live events and music industries, namely the National Live Events Coalition PH, Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-Aawit, and Roadie Superstar.

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Wish Music Awards set up in the new normal

Macalino revealed that “it’s been really hard” for musicians “because more than 80% of [their] revenue comes from live shows.”

“But, at the end of the day, at least, we still have avenues to release our music through social media sites, Spotify, and Apple Music,” he said.

On a hopeful note, Marcelo added: “By God’s grace, I pray for the industry to thrive and explore more ways to continually and beneficially bring good music to the world.”

Jay R also said that musicians can “use this time to work more on [their] craft.”

“That way, when live events come back, you will be a better version of yourself,” he enthused.

Acknowledging musicians’ role as “absolutely essential,” Wish 107.5 innovator Kuya Daniel Razon said during the WMAs that the station will “commit to intensify the use of [its] platform to spread music, charity, and optimism.”

He echoed the same sentiment as the station recently celebrated its seventh anniversary: “We will continue to grab every opportunity to share the amazing talent of our Filipino artists all over the world and to spread love and compassion to everyone…It’s because we believe that good music, hopeful wishes, and most importantly, good works, are worth spending time on.”

Catch Wishcovery Originals as it returns on September 5, 2021 (Sunday) at 9 p.m. PHT on YouTube. Follow Wish 107.5 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates about the competition.

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